Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Quarter Moon

Really this should have been posted yesterday but Blogger is being ridiculous. Hear that Blogger ridiculous. Apparently no page will function right if it has an image on it. Anywho I got the links working again so I guess I'll be happy witht that for now.

The First Quarter Moon takes place during the middle of the two week period of the Waxing Moon phase. This is the time when the visible moon is half way between dark and full. This Moon phase is associated with the maiden. This is the perfect time to do possitive magick.

Moon Magick
  • Increasing your wealth and belongings
  • Bringing love into your life (as long as this isn't directed at a specific person you're not conflicting with anyone's free will)
  • Anything to do with improving your situation (i.e. finding a new job/home)
On a personal note I purchased a lovely witches money bottle about a month ago and have been waiting to put it together until the right time. Well as this is my first First Quarter Moon in our new apartment I think it is finally the right time.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ancestors of Avalon Review

After over 3 months I am finished reading Ancestors of Avalon. On the whole I'm an insanely fast reader, however it was only just recently that I was able to once again devote time to my favorite habit. Even still I'm generally only able to get in one chapter a day, two at most.

The writing style was not quite the same as Mysts of Avalon. Also for those of you who read Mysts of Avalon you know that the entire book is told from the points of view of the women in the story. The same is not so with Ancestors. The book mainly focuses on Tiriki and Micail. After fleeing their burning home within the Sea Kingdoms they are seperated and brought to different parts of the British Isles. From that point on we see how they are effected by the societies surrounding them.

The book jumps between the experiences of Tiriki and Micail. While her and her companions seek to live amongst and at peace with the natives, Micail's seek to rule them. I didn't connect with the characters in this book the same way I did with the characters in Mysts of Avalon. Despite that it was fun to see Igraine's vision of her and Uther in past lives played out. I also enjoyed how they explained the building of Stonehenge and the maze in the Tor.

I ended up kind of disliking Micail which I didn't want to do and absolutely hating Tjalan. My favorite character was Tiriki, I loved watching her find her strength.

Overall I liked Mysts of Avalon more but it was still an excellent book.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Moon

We have reached the time of the New Moon. This phase is associated with the void or rather no face of the Goddess is associated with this moon. It is the in between time where there is no visible surface of the moon. It is because of this that the New Moon represents the time after death and before birth. This moon phase lasts for three days. The day before, day of, and day after.

Magickal Moon
This is the time for meditation and looking inward. Take this time to rest and relax for the coming Full Moon.

Other things to do during a New Moon are:
Take a cleansing bath
Take a walk in nature
Take a nap
Pamper yourself

Our current New Moon is coming just before the Summer Solstice, or Litha and the time ruled by the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Belated Father's Day Post

This is a little late but in honor of Father's day I wanted to do a little compendium of Gods that represent fatherhood.

The Dagda - Father God of Ireland~
  • He is a powerful figure who wields a giant club that can both kill and resurrect men
  • His name means "The Good God"
  • He possesses a large magickal cauldron that contains an endless supply of food
Geb - Egyptian God of the Earth~
  • The first king of Egypt
  • Often portrayed lying beneath the sky goddess, Nut (his lover and twin)
  • A fertility deity
  • Father of Osiris, Set, Isis, and Nepthys
Zeus - Ruler of Olympus~
  • The youngest son of Cronos and Rhea
  • Became the supreme ruler over all Gods of the ancient Greeks
  • Known as quite the philanderer
  • God of thunder and lightning
  • In charge of justice, morals, and law
Odin - Ruler of the Norse Gods~
  • Lived in Asgard the home of the gods
  • He was the god of kings and the mentor of young heroes
  • A shape shifter who frequently roamed the world in disguise
  • Accompanied by a pack of wolves and ravens, and rode on a magic horse named Sleipnir
  • Associated with the concept of the wild hunt, and leads a horde of fallen warriors across the sky
  • God of the dead
  • Helped to slay Ymir (a giant who was the father of the frost giants)
  • He lost his eye in exchange for a drink from a sacred well full of knowledge
  • Learned songs and runes by hanging onto Yggdrasil for nine days
  • At Ragnarok, Odin dies while fighting Fenrir (a wolf which the Aesir could not restrain until the dwarves fashioned a rope called Gleipnir) after killing Odin Fenrir is killed by Vidar
  • Wednesday is named for him
If I've left anyone out let me know.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Last Quarter Moon

The Last Quarter Moon lies in the second week of the waning moon phase. This is the time when the visible moon goes from full to dark again and is associated with the crone aspect of the Goddess. This is the perfect time to do banishing magick and rituals to reduce problems.

Working with the Waning Phase

Any magick to remove negative people from your life (i.e. people who are bad influences on you, treat you poorly or genuinely make you unhappy despite multiple attempts to repair the relationship)

Magick to smoothly end a relationship or job

Magick to reduce debt


Early A.M. Venting

Today was supposed to be stress free, well so much for that, for one it's almost 3 in the am and I'm not sleeping so what does that tell you. My chest is killing me and I keep weezing and coughing, so I'm trying to drink hot tea hoping it settles itself enough so I can go back to bed.

We got our kitchen table in today. Yay for that but for whatever ridiculous reason there had to be an argument over a chair cusion with my parents, really a chair cushion? Found out that their is a part in our oven that's crapping out, the safety valve. Doesn't that sound like a part you want to have to worry about in your first week of moving in? So we've got to reach in to the back/bottom of the oven to tap on it just so it ignites. It took us over 3 hours just to get some potatoes and chicken made while we found this out.

Took a peek at my moon phase page today, thinking that I should look at it and see if I need to update anything. It looked fine, so I went to leave it, it asked me if I wanted to leave the page, I said yes. For whatever reason something made me go back and look at it, it had reloaded a page I had typed up in March, MARCH?? Where the hell did that come from? The whole calendar was wiped out and no where to be found. How the fuck did that happen? So tomorrow I've got to try to type it back up. For now it's labeled as "under construction".

I was finally able to get a broom today, so being able to finally sweep the floor is nice. They didn't have the one I wanted and I ended up with a cheap plastic one but we all have to make due with what's available sometimes.

I have deffinately had worse days, and I get it that not all days are going to be perfect but today was the hubby's first day off that we were going to stay home all day, which we did... almost. It was just that today was supposed to be nice and relaxing, instead I went to bed at 10:30 feeling totally wiped out and now I'm awake coughing and weezing and on the computer when I really just want to be in bed.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All Moved In

Well we're officially moved in! I'm not 100% comfortable yet but it always takes me some time to settle into a new place. Not to mention, not all of our furniture is in yet so some spaces still feel a little to empty. It is so nice to have a bigger space, I can finally keep things organized. I was done all of the house work by 8:30 this morning!

Did anyone catch the full moon from Monday night, I was so dead on my feet tired that I just went to bed but it did sound like someone was enjoying it. Nearby I could hear one of our neighbors having some sort of party. Their was music and drumming and whooping, which I thought was weird for a Monday night and I haven't heard it any night since so maybe it was for the Full Moon. It would be pretty cool if we had Pagan neighbors.

It's taken us so many trips to move things in it's ridiculous and we still have more to transport, it's little stuff, but still. Next time we decide to move we are renting a damned moving truck and getting everything done in one shot. I've missed my Internet world, what's going on out there, any interesting stories to tell?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Strong Sun Moon

I'm posting this early since I won't be able to log on around the 4th.

The phase of the Full Moon lasts for 3 days. The day before, day of, and day after. Full Moons are associated with the mother aspect of the goddess and is considered a time of completion.

The Full Moon of June is known as the Strong Sun Moon. This is the perfect name for the moon we see in the first month of Summer. It is also known as the Lover's Moon, Full Strawberry Moon, The Honey Moon, and The Rose Moon. During last month's full moon we did some divination to make sure we were on the correct course. Take some the time during this Full Moon to maintain and enhance the things you already have. It's easy to lose sight of the things we already possess when we're focused on new accomplishments.

From: Paganism/Wicca
Color Associations: Gold, Yellow, Orange
Gemstone Associations: Topaz, Agate
Tree Associations: Oak, Maple
Goddesses associated with this Moon: Isis, Cerridwen, Persephone, Ishtar
Herbal Associations: Parsley, Mosses, Skullcap, Mugwort.
Elemental Association: Earth

From: The Wiccan Year
Moon Meditation
~ As the honey moon glows in the midsummer nights, June brings us the love of Ishtar. Queen of Heaven, River of Life, Creator of People are among her myriad titles. She is a goddess of love, of strategy, and of battle. Hailed as the Kingmaker she was the sovereign of Babylon. Most often depicted in the breast-offering pose accompanied by the maxim "The fate of everything she holds in her hands," Ishtar's presence reminds us that bringing forth new life is but one of the many gifts of the goddess. Nurturing and feeding that life so that it can flourish is her true power. Her breasts hold the fate of humanity, and her power is yours. Let Ishtar inspire you to nourish your gifts and talents and those of others as well. Take the sweet honey that is her lover and let it radiate outward like her river of life, the river of milk that flows freely from her generous breast. Drink deep from the chalice of her moonlight and let this fierce goddess of love and strength be your guardian. ~

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